We can find with several varieties of poker chips that are available both online and offline. You can choose with huge varieties of casino games and some of these games are purely game of chance while some other games are game of skills. For instance, Texas holdem poker the player uses the poker chips in order to gamble on the random outcomes. In some cases these poker chips are also called as casino tokens and they are small discs that are used instead of the actual currency. They vary in terms of quantity and is often found in the table games. You can find more than 30 designs of these poker chips and they even vary in terms of their weights. As huge money gets exchanged in the casino games, they make usage of these poker chips until the game ends. After completion of the game, these poker chips are exchanged for real money.

In these recent days, these poker chips are created according to the themes, variations, premises, arrangements and even formats. This will help to differentiate different formats of the game and can be identified whether they are played at home or publicly or privately. Every casino employs their own design of the poker chips and the design of course cannot be copied by other casinos. Since casino games include huge money, the requirement of these poker chips is also high. Since poker chips are of great importance while playing with the casino games especially table based games, one must be careful while purchasing these chips from the dealer.
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