If you are playing any casino game for real money then the dealer asks you to purchase some poker chips in order to start the game. These poker chips are used instead of actual money and these chips are again converted back into real money at the end of a game.  Initially in 1950’s these poker chips were prepared from clay but now you cannot find the poker chips of clay. Instead of clay they make use of the composite materials that can be cost effective as well as durable.  The edges of the poker chips contain some spots and these spots will not be painted but they will be punched by some machine and are colored with different alternate colors. After coloring the poker chips travels into the next stage where it need to undergo some extreme heat of 300F and pressure.

The weight of these poker chips will depend upon the casino and if you are using it for home usage then you can get the poker chips of 13.5 to 14g and the type of poker chip that you require will definitely depend upon your actual taste. These poker chips come as a set and depending upon your usage you can select with the required set. For instance if the game includes just 2 to 32 players then the set of 200 to 350 poker chips would be sufficient. There is a need of around 80- 120 poker chips for each player in the game. In this set you will get the poker chips, poker case, playing cards, poker buttons and a dice. Visit https://www.cherrycasino.com.